The Gingko Range

Inclusively designed for people with dementia.
Designed and produced in Scotland, UK.
Finished by hand.


Our furniture is inspired by the beauty of nature, inclusive by design.
We combine the finest materials, durable processes and years of expertise
to produce stylish, contemporary furniture to be used effortlessly by everyone.

Gingko Table

A stylish and practical table
for communal activities and everyday dining.

Gingko Mirror

A mirror cabinet with inset LED lights, de-mister and sensor activated lights.

Gingko Lamp

A floor lamp with dimmer to create the right atmosphere, where you need it most.

Gingko Hook

A coat hook, a shelf and a whiteboard all in one, to keep all the essentials in one place.

Why Gingko Biloba?

Our first range is inspired by Gingko Biloba, one of the world’s oldest living tree species.
The leaves contain ginkgolides, which are believed to improve blood circulation to the brain and prevent the neurodegenerative effects of Alzheimer’s disease.