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Thoughtful, stylish and inclusive.

We provide a range of furniture which is designed for everybody, including people living with dementia and other cognitive and physical impairments.

Our furniture is inspired by the beauty of nature, inclusive by design. We combine the finest materials, durable processes and years of expertise to produce stylish, contemporary furniture to be used effortlessly by everyone.

Well designed and well made, for well-being

Our user-centred design process underpins everything we do. Our products are developed together with a selected community of testers who, like us, challenge the status quo and always question assumptions. Years of field testing and prototyping provide us and our clients with the confidence that our products will last for years, for generations to enjoy.

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Products that are at home in your home

Our products blend in seamlessly in a contemporary home. Where possible, we use natural materials such as solid wood and organic fabrics. Although some components come from as far as Japan, we manufacture our range entirely in the UK and every product is finished by hand to the highest standard.

How we design our products

Included Design is headed by Tommy Petillo, a product designer who since 2009 has been working with Alzheimer Scotland developing Dementia Circle, the project that finds, tests and shares information about domestic products for people living with dementia.

Integral part of Included’s design process is the co-designing and testing by a selected community, all living with dementia or with other physical or cognitive impairments.

We have partnered with exceptionally skilled craftsmen and manufacturers whose wealth of knowledge spans for decades, allowing us to deliver outstanding products you’ll be proud to own.

6 reasons why you should purchase Included products.

  1. We’ve been in the design industry running design-led interventions in the health care sector for over a decade.
  2. Since 2009, we have been working closely with leading organisations such as Alzheimer Scotland and Graven, developing Dementia Circle test protocols.
  3. Keeping up to date with the leaders across the sector ensures we’re up to speed with innovative solutions, materials and processes.
  4. We offer 1 year warranty*. Furthermore, if you’re not satisfied with our products, we’ll refund you 100%.**
  5. We are flexible to your budget. We can discuss your specific requirements before you commit to an order.
  6. We don’t just sell you our products, we create long lasting relationships with our clients and will follow your project to ensure you’re completely satisfied, from beginning to end.

*One year warranty starts from the day the item(s) has been delivered. During the warranty period, Included Design Ltd. will repair or replace products or components of a product that prove defective from manufacture. This limited warranty does not cover any problem that is caused by conditions, malfunctions or damage caused by the misuse of the product.

** If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply send it back within 14 days and we’ll refund the full cost of the item minus shipping costs.

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We will be launching our new range in March 2019. Please come visit us again then.

Contact Us

We work across the UK with different partners, including people in the care sector and hospitality industry. We collaborate with interior designers and architects, who design, develop and refurbish accommodation, which has to be suitable for different types of clients.

If you would like to discuss your project or simply know more about our range, we’d love to hear from you.

Please send us an email at

or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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